Taming Anxiety Over the Unknown

Knocking twenty-two years’ worth of dust off a resume stretches the definition of “creative writing” to its limit. After giving my time away for two decades, could I convince even myself that my skills are marketable? Was I still capable of holding my own in the workforce? The questions hung in the air like a challenge. At … Continue reading Taming Anxiety Over the Unknown

Don’t Put It Off

I really didn’t think I needed this book. It was written for procrastinators, for people who need help in Taming the To-Do-List. If anything, I’m an “ante-crastinator,” too faint-hearted to wait until the last minute, who goes into panic mode just thinking about the potential of going into panic mode. But then I read Glynnis … Continue reading Don’t Put It Off

Musings: May 2018

Every spring, property owners here in Maine cede our rights over to the blackfly population. With their serrated jaws and overwhelming numbers, they swarm by the hundreds, drawn by breath and body heat, and driving even the most determined souls back into the safety of our homes. When my four sons were all small and … Continue reading Musings: May 2018