Blog Swap!

            Michelle Lesley is my guest today in this, my first-ever blog swap.  Our intent is to give our readers the benefit of a different writing voice and greater diversity of content.
            I have been following Michelle’s blog for some time, and have been challenged  by her clarity and confidence as she encourages her readers to pursue righteousness and the wisdom that comes from the Word of God.  Michelle is a ministry wife, the homeschooling mother of six, and a published author.  She also teaches a ladies’ Sunday School class in her church in Louisiana and, miraculously, cranks out an article on her blog nearly every day.  From the abundance of available content, I have chosen to share with you her post called:

You’re Not as Dumb as You Think You Are:  Five Reasons to Put Down that Devotional and Pick Up the Actual Bible.


Michelle Lesley is addressing a mindset that devalues the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.  He promises to guide you into all truth (Jn. 16:13) and to give understanding (Ps. 119:34), but, often, we circumvent that spectacular privilege by reading other peoples’ interpretation of the Bible instead of the Word of God itself.  This is a temptation I have battled in my own teaching preparation, so I know that you will be challenged by Michelle’s words today:

“My heart goes out to these ladies because they desperately want to learn from God’s Word, but somewhere along the way, someone or something has convinced these perfectly intelligent women–I haven’t met a dumb one, yet– that they’re not good enough or smart enough for God’s Word.”

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What are some of your greatest challenges in studying the Word of God?  Do you find it tempting to jump right into a commentary rather than comparing scripture with scripture, using cross references, and studying the context on your own?  What’s working well for you as you press on to know the Lord through His own written words?


Published by

Michele Morin

Michele Morin is a teacher, blogger, reader, and gardener who finds joy in sitting at a table surrounded by women with open Bibles. She has been married to an unreasonably patient husband for nearly 30 years, and together they have four sons, two daughters-in-love, two grandchildren, and one lazy St. Bernard. Michele loves hot tea and well-crafted sentences, poems that stop her in her tracks and days at the ocean with the whole family. She laments biblical illiteracy and advocates for the prudent use of “little minutes.” She blogs at Living Our Days, and you can connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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